Additional Retailers List Finding Dory for Disney Infinity, Reaffirm Nemo Individual Figure


Over 5 different retailers have now listed the Finding Dory Play Set and the ‘Nemo’ figure for Disney Infinity, set to come out in June.

No images have been posted yet, besides the Dory figure image we’ve seen already from the Kraft Mac & Cheese box.

The Play Set and Nemo figure have shown a release date of June 23rd in all the European sites, so it’s pretty safe bet at this point.

No word on a US / North America release, but I’ll still say to circle June 14th in pencil.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Disney Infinity has said they are planning on sticking with their 1 figure Play Set configuration going forward.

So there is a chance Dory and Nemo is all that will be coming.

What about Marlin? And Hank?

Not a huge shocker. I thought they would throw in Hank as he seems to a big part of the Finding Dory marketing so far. Never thought they would add Marlin, as I don’t think there is enough ‘source’ material to create a different attack and skill tree for Marlin and Nemo.

If they did create the two, I think many people in the community would complain that the two are too similar in design, so I could see them just scrapping Marlin.

How many figures will be available for the Finding Dory Play Set?

Amazon Japan, Amazon Italy, Player One, and Central Point all have shown just these two listings. So it seems pretty evident these will be the Finding Dory releases.

So we’re definitely looking at a two to three figures for Finding Dory.

I’m still going to say it will just be two.

But no matter what, I’m SUPER excited about a Finding Dory Play Set!