Retailer Shows Finding Dory Play Set And Additional Figure Releasing For Disney Infinity In June


We’re slowly getting a better picture of what will launching for Disney Infinity fans to celebrate the release of the Finding Dory movie.

Obviously we already know that a Finding Dory Play Set featuring a Finding Dory figure is coming, but now we’ve got out first information about an additional figure that will be releasing as well.

Amazon Italy has both the Play Set and an additional figure listed, both releasing on June 23rd.

Recent words from many in the Disney Infinity leadership team have said that the plan is to continue to release one figure in each play set. Though that is not ‘set in stone’, but it’s a very good chance that the Finding Dory Play Set will include just Dory.

Both the Play Set and Figure are listed as “Nemo”. So unfortunately it’s too early to say Nemo is confirmed, as it could just be incorrect categorization. But I would guess Nemo has a chance of being one of the playable Finding Dory figures.

Will there be more Finding Dory figures?

From my pure speculation, I’ve felt that Finding Dory would be represented with 2-3 figures. Obviously the Dory figure is already confirmed, but I’m eager to see what else will be coming! It’s too early to say that this is all we’re getting for Finding Dory. Amazon Italy doesn’t have a listing for the Alice individual figure, so obviously their listing is not complete.

It is important to note, the release dates of the Finding Dory movie are scattered throughout the summer (anywhere from middle of June to the end of September). So I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney Infinity chose to just make a more concrete release window, rather than try to release the Play Set in each territory around when the film releases.

I’m still anticipating a release date of June 14th for the Finding Dory content for Disney Infinity, if previous patterns hold true.

So what can Disney Infinity players look forward to in the next two months?

So three individual / Toy Box figure releases in late May (Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time). Then in mid-late June we’ll have the Finding Dory Play Set with Dory figure and at least one additional figure.

As far as power discs goes, no word on any for Alice or Finding Dory yet. But with the number of places the Alice figures are popping up, I would have expected a corresponding Power Disc Pack to pop up by now. So doesn’t look good for that at the moment.

I remain hopeful for a Finding Dory Power Disc Pack, as there could be a lot of fun discs created, but no evidence supporting either side at this moment.

Things will become clear at the next Disney Infinity NEXT event, which I expect to happen in early to mid May.

Thanks to my good friend James (aka @InfinityMuseum) for the heads up on the Italy listing!