Retailers List Alice Through The Looking Glass Figures + An Additional ‘Pixar’ Figure


Various retailers have begun to list information pertaining to the new Alice Through the Looking Glass and perhaps an additional Pixar figure.

To recap what we know so far, we know three figures are coming from the Alice Through The Looking Glass franchise: Alice, Mad Hatter, and time (you can even see pictures of the design in game).

In addition, we know that the Disney Play Set for this year is a Disney Animation Studios play set (which I still feel highly sure is Moana). So that pretty much all but confirmed it would not be an Alice play set, but some people still felt it wasn’t enough evidence.

Well two Belgium retailers and Amazon Japan have started to list the three figures as individual figures.

So, again as stated before, Alice will not be getting a play set.

Both Belgium retailers list the figures for a release on 5/26/16 release (which would line up with the release of the new film). So again to further the speculation, these three figures will more than likely be released on May 24th in the US.


Now onto the Pixar character. Amazon Japan published this listing recently:


Amazon Japan hasn’t been the source of any Disney Infinity leaks (at least none that I can remember), so can’t vouch for the credibility. But again, it is Amazon so it does have that working for them.

We know a Finding Dory Play Set is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 (we’ve already seen a picture of the Finding Dory figure). But we don’t know what else will be coming alongside it.

There is much debate about how many Finding Dory figures will release alongside the Play Set. At this point we don’t even know how many figures will launch in the Finding Dory Play Set itself, though the probability is very high it will just be Dory.

You could make an argument for several figures or for a few figures (maybe more on that at a later time).

I still personally think we’ll get 3: Dory, Nemo, and Hank. (But no insider information to base that on).

But back on topic, the Amazon Japan listing just says a “Disney Pixar’s figure”. So it doesn’t even necessarily confirm it’s Finding Dory related, though it’s very probable.

At the least, this does look to show we are getting at least 1 figure outside of the Disney Pixar figure.


As always, when there is more to share, I’ll be the first to let you know!

Special thanks to Driv3n at DisneyInfinityFans + Skymiibo & elmoem on twitter.