First Look At Alice Through The Looking Glass Disney Infinity Figure Designs


Late yesterday evening, the Disney Infinity team pushed out the new update that unlocks all the content for the upcoming Disney Infinity releases on March 15th.

In that update, we also got our first look at what the Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 will look like. Including what ‘Time’ looks like in-game!

The update shows the new Disney Infinity figures in the Character Poster and Towns Person area. The Character Poster area shows a pretty good look at what the figures will look like, as most of the posters match up pretty well with their physical figure pose.

Plus ‘Time’ has been added as a boss battle, so you can see what he will look like and play like when he is officially released in late spring / early summer.

Check out some videos below by Joseph Gamboa over at Infinity Corner!

Here are some close up images as well: