PSA: First Three Disney Infinity Light FX Figures Available In-Stores (Some Available For In-Store Pickup!)


UPDATE: Target has released a 10% off cartwheel for all Video Games and Electronics, so you can save 10% on your Yoda Light FX figure today as well!

Today, December 1st, marks a new release for the Disney Infinity universe… the first three in the ‘Light FX’ line of figures are available in-stores!

The following figures are now available in stores…

Anakin and Yoda are both available online right now for in-store pickup, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Obi-Wan shows up soon as well.

KEY THINGS TO REMEMBER: These are permanent retail exclusives and are a limited (and very likely) one run figures. So as soon as they’re gone, they very well could be gone.

They do light up pretty well on the base, and remember they do modify their in-game statue in the Hall of Heroes. Beyond that, they aren’t any different than your standard figures.

Here is when you can pick up the rest of the Light FX series of figures.

December 8th

December 15th