Target Stock Numbers For Disney Infinity Light FX Exclusive Figure


Three of the Light FX figures releases tomorrow, and many of you have asked about stock.

Two of which are still available for pre-order: Anakin Skywalker (Best Buy) and Obi-wan (GameStop — you can even still pre-order in-store!).

But the release of Yoda (Target) has caused many people to be concerned. Yoda was far and away the most popular figure released at the launch of Disney Infinity, so one would think he’s going to be popular again.

Well thankfully stock numbers are coming in for the figure and it looks like there will be on average between 24-28 per store. Some smaller stores will see below that, and some larger stores have received 30+.

I’ve heard that these figures could be a one run, or limited run release. So if you are interested in getting it, I’d plan on getting them sooner rather than later.

To recap, here is the release schedule:

December 1st

December 8th

December 15th