Final Two Marvel Power Discs Revealed: Ultimate Falcon, Captain Marvel Team Up


Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) is starting to be released worldwide, and with that people are starting to check the game out.

‘Outsider’ over at found the final two power discs for the marvel series!

First, The Ultimate Falcon (which we knew was coming already)…


Ultimate Falcon: Sam Wilsons outfit from Captain America: Winter Soldier


Marvel Team-Up: Capt. Marvel Team Up with Carol Danvers. She’ll spare no one.

So yes, when we saw Captain Marvel in that trailer… she is indeed going to be playable!


So how are we going to get these power discs? Well after it has been revealed that Aladdin is getting a Toy Box Pack, it would be safe to assume that a character pack will be coming for this as well.

One figure would have to be Falcon, but the second could be anyone. Maybe Yondu to make it easy?


Also let me be clear with this, this is it for power discs!

No wave two, wave three, etc. We’ll have 84 power discs total.



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