Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel Coming to Disney Infinity?

Captain Marvel in Disney Infinity?

The Internet became a blaze today after the debut of the Villains trailer that Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel was spotted in the trailer.

But the question then becomes, what does this mean?!

Well first of all, she’s not going to be a sidekick character. We already know all 40 Marvel Power Discs, and obviously she wasn’t featured in that.

Captain MArvel

Could she be an NPC then? She does seem to be in a play set or a toy box game. She does appear to be fighting though.

Captain Marvel gif

Maybe she will be a figure after all? It’s been shown before that (some) characters will unlock after you meet them and finish the quest, so it could be as simple as that. Though with the lineup of super heroes out so far, it’s obvious more female heroes are needed. And Captain Marvel is a pretty solid female super hero, so it’d make perfect sense to include her.

We shall find out in the next few weeks, I suppose!

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