DEAL: Dollar General Has Disney Infinity Figures For $7 / $5

Disney-Infinity-Dollar-General (1)

If you have a Dollar General in your area, you may want to head over to see what Disney Infinity figures they have on sale after their Black Friday blowout.

Remember back to Black Friday 2015, you will remember Dollar General got a shipper in of Disney Infinity figures and had them on sale for $7.50.

Well looks like they are looking to clear out the remaining of their stock.

All Disney Infinity 3.0 figures are on sale for $7, all Disney Infinity 2.0 figures are $5.

The sale lasts until 2/20.

They do have a wide variety of 3.0 figures available (from Star Wars, Disney Originals and even heard a couple of you were able to pick up Hulkbuster). 2.0 is a little bit more barren, but still some options to pick up.

Thanks to chavo_one on /r/Disney_Infinity and for Romulus77 for re-reminding me!