Release Dates For Marvel Battlegrounds And Zootopia Disney Infinity Figures For UK & Europe Released

NickJudyDisneyInfinity (1)

Thanks to friend of the site, James Holian (AKA: @InfinityMuseum) we have some dates to share regarding the release of Marvel Battelgrounds and the Zootopia figures in the European Region.

For my friends over in wider Europe, due to the early release of Zootopia (or aka Zootropolis) in France, the figures and power disc pack will release on February 15th. Marvel Battlegrounds will release in the great Europe area on March 24th.

For those across the pond in the UK, Zootopia/Zootropolis figures and power discs will release on March 4th, with the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set releasing on March 25th.

Don’t forget, Zootopia figures are releasing in North America on March 1st. Marvel Battlegrounds and related figures is releasing on March 15th.

And yes, Amazon France also has listings for Ant-Man, Black Panther, etc. Yet another retailer who has leaked the figure announcements. You can read all about the unannounced figures on my round-up from a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks again James for the info!