Your Disney Infinity 3.0 Shopping Guide For Black Friday 2015 — Always Updating!


Black Friday 2015 is almost here, and to get all you Disney Infinity fans prepared, I’m writing up your ultimate shopping guide to let you know where (and when!) the best deals are.

The guide will be broken into two sections, so be sure to look at both sections!

First, I will have it broken down in a store-to-store basis (in alphabetical order). Each store I will share the deals, what time the sale goes live, and if you will be able to get the deals online or not.

Secondly, I will break each product down into categories (figures and starter packs mostly) and where the best place to get those will be.

So let’s start out with the store breakdown, if you want to see just the best place to get each item, head to the 2nd section.

(and remember… this guide will always be updating… so check back frequently!)



Amazon will have a lightning deal at 4:55 PM ET on Thursday evening for the Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack.  No price has been announced yet.


  • $39.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • Save $5 when you buy two Disney Infinity figures ($11.49 each, when you buy two)

Store Hours: Opening 5PM on Thursday night through 1:00 AM Friday morning, then will be open 8AM Friday morning through normal business hours

Online Deals: Typically Best Buy puts most of their deals online, and even offering Elite members a chance to purchase the deals early.

Extra: The Gamer’s Club Unlocked discount will be applied to this deal as well. That means the Starter Pack will be brought down to $31.99, while the figures will be $9.11 each when you purchase two (The $5 is taken off first, before your 20% off discount)


  • 2 for $15 — Disney Infinity figures ($7.50 each when you buy 2, limit 4)

Store Hours: Open at 8AM on Friday morning

Online Deals: There will be no online sale

Extra: Who knew Dollar General sold Disney Infinity figures?! In the ad there are 3.0 figures pictured, so looks like they should have 3.0 figures ready to go. $7.50 is an incredible price for the figures, which is why they’re obviously putting a limit of 4 on them. But if this is where you are hoping to pick up the last couple of figures you need, I’d stroll by my local Dollar General the week of Black Friday to check what kind of inventory they have.


  • 20% off Video Games, PC Games,and video game accessories (Figures $11.19)
  • $49.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack

Store hours: Opening at 5AM Friday morning. These deals will only last until 1:00 PM

Online deals: Fred Meyer does not have any announced plans to place the deals online.

Extra: Nothing of note.


  • $44.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • Buy 2 Get 3 free used Toys-To-Life figures (Disney Infinity, Skylanders, or amiibo)

Store hours: Opening 5AM on Friday morning through normal business hours. Deals will last, while supplies last, through Sunday.

Online Deals: GameStop should offer all the deals online, though no time has been announced yet

Extra: GameStop went really light on the deals this year. No figure deals, and not a very good deal on the Starter Pack either. On the bright side, the B2G3 free sale is back which is a phenomenal deal to get some figures for cheap


  • $49.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Disney Infinity figures ($10.49 each when you buy two)

Store hours: Opening at 6AM on Friday

Online deals: Deal will go live at 6AM on Friday

Extra: Pretty good deal on the figures, if they are priced at regular price at Meijer like I believe that they are.


  • $37.88 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack

Store hours: Opening at 7AM on Friday

Online deals: Deals will go live on their website at 01:01 AM EST on Thursday

Extra: Not the best, not the worst price for the Starter Pack. So definitely an option to keep an eye on if you are near a Sam’s Club and have a membership.


  • $39.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Disney Infinity & Skylanders Figures ($13.99 a piece, $9.33 a piece when buying three)

Store hours: Opening at 4PM Thursday with the deals staying valid until noon on Friday

Online deals: Shopko says they will begin the sales on their website starting on Wednesday (no time announced)

Extra: Not a bad price on the figures, if you need 3 of them. Price for the Starter Pack isn’t awful either, but again this all depends on if you have a Shopko near you or how much their shipping ends up costing.


  • $34.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • $11 — Disney Infinity figures

Store hours: Opening at 6PM on Thursday evening through normal business hours Friday evening

Online Deals: Target is promising to put deals online on their website. They list the Starter Pack deal as a ‘doorbuster’ so no guarantees that specific deal will be online though.

Extra: Target has a great price on the Starter Pack, but not so great pricing on the figures themselves. Hopefully they put the Starter Pack online for those who want to take advantage of the deal, plus you’ll get free shipping!


  • Thursday (5:00 PM – Midnight)
    • Buy 1 Get 1 80% off all Disney Infinity single figures and power discs ($8.99 a figure when you buy 2)
  • Friday (7:00 AM through Saturday close)
    • Buy 1 Get 1 40% off all Toys-To-Life figures
      • Technically it reads: LEGO dimensions, Disney Infinity, Skylanders SuperChargers & Trap Team figure, vehicles & accessories AND amiibo figures, cards & accessories
    • $39.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack

Store hours: Opening at 5PM on Thurday and will remain open until Friday night.

Online deals: Some deals will be online, but any door buster item will be in-store only.

Extra: Be sure to look at your local store hours, and be sure to notice that some deals are only valid at certain times. So if you are looking for a certain deal , make sure it is happening during the time you are planning on being at the store.


  • $37 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack
  • $9 — Disney Infinity 3.0 figures

Store hours: Sale will go live in-store at 6PM on Thursday

Online Deals: Walmart will have the deals on their website on Thursday

Extra: Walmart has some pretty decent deals, especially when it comes to the figures. They have one of the best deals if you just need to buy 1 figure.



  • $31.99 — Best Buy (If you have Gamer’s Club Unlocked — 20% discount!)
  • $34.99 — Target
  • $37 — Walmart
  • $37.88 — Sam’s Club
  • $39 — Shopko
  • $39.99 — Best Buy
  • $39.99 — Toys ‘R’ Us (Starting at 7:00 AM Friday)
  • $44.99 — GameStop
  • $49.99 — Fred Meyer
  • $49.99 — Meijer

FIGURES (Price may vary for 1.0 & 2.0 figures)

  • $7.50 ** — Dollar General (2 for $15, so must buy 2 to get sale price, limit 4)
  • $8.99 — Toys ‘R’ Us (See Toys ‘R’ Us section for details) 
  • $9 — Walmart
  • $9.11 — Best Buy (GCU Members: Save $5 when you buy two, then extra 20% off, so must buy 2 to get sale price)
  • $9.33 — Shopko (B2G1 free, so must buy 3 to get sale price)
  • $10.49 — Meijer (B1G1 50% off, so must buy 2 to get sale price)
  • $11 — Target
  • $11.19 — Fred Meyer
  • $11.49 — Best Buy (Save $5 when you buy two, so must buy 2 to get sale price)
  • $11.99 — Toys ‘R’ Us (See Toys ‘R’ Us section for details)

** — Check your local store to see if they will have 3.0 figures.