VIDEO: My First Impressions On Disney Infinity Toy Box Speedway [Spoiler: IT’S GREAT!]


Wanted to share a quick video with you this morning on my thoughts on Toy Box Speedway for Disney Infinity after playing it for a while on Monday night.

Spoiler alert… it’s phenomenal!

I’ll be putting up a full review later when I’m able to spend more time with the game, but wanted to give you a quick heads up on my thoughts so far.

So here is my late-night recorded thoughts on the new Toy Box Expansion Game. It’s a blast. I’m loving Sugar Rush, driving with massive characters in small vehicles, and trying to stay out ontop in the Grand Prix. More than 60 vehicles can be used in the speedway, and I can’t wait to try them all!

The game isn’t without it’s quirks (mostly a lot of ‘small’ things that can fixed via a patch, and maybe are already planned!).

But overall, I think everyone who enjoys any kind of racing game will easily enjoy this. It’s available starting today for $19.99.


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