Details For The ‘Magic Band Unlock’ For Disney Infinity 3.0: Disney Partners Statue


Owners of Magic Bands, which are used to admission to the Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts, are able to once again unlock special content in Disney Infinity 3.0.

In Disney Infinity 1.0, players were able to unlock the Dragon Gate. While in 2.0, users who placed the magic band down on the base unlocked the Small World facade from the popular parks attraction.

Just announced at the D23 Expo, Disney Infinity 3.0 will be able to unlock the iconic Disney Partners Statue which can be found at the Disneyland Park in California.

If you aren’t able to attend Walt Disney World, or don’t wish to purchase a band directly from the Disney Store or ebay, you should be able to unlock it over the toy box if you are friends with someone who has the band.

In 2.0, you could join the friend’s toy box session on the internet and have them place the magic band on the base, and it would unlock it on your game as well. At this stage, it is unclear if that method will work again, though every indication is that it will.

Obviously you can do it the ‘old fashion’ way as well and use your magic band you get when you attend Walt Disney World, or just purchase one directly from the Disney Store. No ticket admission required.

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