First Look: Disney Infinity Disney Originals Power Disc Album



Here is your first look at the Disney Infinity Disney Originals Album for the Disney Infinity 2.0 Power Discs!

I brought you this news of the album last week, but here is your first look at a higher resolution.

As you can see in the image, you get 5 power discs (Simba’s Pridelands, The King’s Domain, Sergeant Calhoun’s Blaster, Rags to Riches, and the King Louie’s Monkeys). All 42 power discs (40 discs plus 2 toy box game discs) will fit in the 3 pages on this binder. Plus there are background images!

Important note, this image was found on Target’s servers, so signs are pointing to it be available online as well!

The image was found via our good friend @RangerCrew

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