Release Dates For Loki, Ronan, Green Goblin, Falcon, and Yondu Disney Infinity Figures


The Disney Store has updated their website to include the last five marvel figures: Loki, Ronan, Green Goblin, Falcon, and Yondu. This also gives us their release dates (though scheduled to change).

Disney Infinity has set three figures for release on January 13th: Ronan, Yondu, and Green Goblin

The last two figures are set for March 23rd: Loki and Falcon

First think is obviously this… why are the villains split up? It could be a mistake on their part and in fact all the villains are being released on the same date.

Or maybe Disney Infinity is looking to split up the villains just to drive us all crazy!

Either way, at least we have some dates!

It will be nice having figures each month…

November: Disney Originals

December: Crystal Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey

January: Three Marvel Figures

February: Jasmine

March: Two remaining Marvel Figures


and obviously the two Disney figures still left to be decided.

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