Help Us Say ‘Thank You’ To The Disney Infinity Team By Sending A Note

ThankYouDisneyInfinityI know I can speak for all of us, that we love Disney Infinity. Whether it’s the first one, or obviously the highly anticipated relase of 2.0!

Also, I know you all appreciate the input, interaction, and outreach the Disney Infinity team has had with the community. Each week they have a Toy Box TV show, they have polls to see which characters we want. They even hosted a Toy Box Summit! How awesome was that?!

Well I was thinking in the past month, we should somehow give back.

Game Development is far from an easy thing. Although I’m sure all of them enjoy their job and are grateful for the opportunity, there will be days that it will be stressful and taxing. Just like I’m sure all of your jobs are as well!

So I figured, hey let’s send them a huge thank you card!

Thus I created this project.

In this form below, feel free to submit your first name, state/country and a short message you would like to say to the team. Whether it’s just a simple congratulations / thank you. Or maybe it could be something you are really excited about with the new title. If you had a funny story playing with your family, feel free to add that!

In about a week or so, I’ll cut off access to the form and I’ll collaborate it all together into a big book or binder and send it on its way!

And of course I’ll make sure to grab some pictures as well.

Hope you enjoy this project, I’m sure it is something the team will really enjoy!

If for some reason you can’t see the form, you can head to the form directly by going to this link.