Four More Disney Infinity Figures Yet To Be Announced (UPDATE: Two Marvel, Two Disney)

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(UPDATE: It will be two marvel, and two disney… read below!)

John Vignocchi just dropped a big tidbit for Disney Infinity 2.0 fans. There are a total of FOUR more figures coming to Disney Infinity 2.0.

So we have 16 marvel super heroes at launch, 3 villains coming later, 8 disney figures coming in November, Jasmine in 2015, and Crystal Mickey which is both a 1.0 and 2.0 character. So we have 29 figure announced, plus 4 more coming… brings us a total of 33 figures to be in Disney Infinity 2.0.

This also (in my opinion) really puts a damper on the idea of additional play sets. Four more figures is not that many.

So looks like we have our answers Disney Infinity fans… we have four more to go!

Someone asked John Vignocchi a follow up question if they would be Disney or Marvel, and thankfully he answered! It will be two Marvel and two Disney Originals.

Now we know one of the Disney Originals is a female character as John V. has said it is his favorite figure in the game. Leading speculation is that this will be Mulan.

With two Marvel characters coming, and Avengers: Age of Ultron coming in May, you could make a case for Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch.

As for the final Disney Originals figure, you could easily make arguments for a lot of characters.


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