Update on Release Dates and Store Exclusivity’s On Disney Infinity Figures

Sorcerer Mickey BoxWe have some updates on when the Wave 3 Disney Infinity characters are all planning on hitting shelves in the United States stores, and what stores are getting them early.

Sorcerer Mickey
Walmart (2 week exclusive): 1/26/14
Full Release: 2/9/14

Target (2 week exclusive): 2/25/14
Full Release: 3/11/14

Best Buy (1 week exclusive): 3/4/14
Full Release: 3/11/14

Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Set
Toys ‘R’ Us (3 week exclusive): 3/11/14
Full Release: 4/1/14

Phineas & Agent P Toy Box Set
GameStop (2 week exclusive): 3/14/14
Full Release: 4/1/14

Best Buy (2 week exclusive): 4/15/14
Full Release: 4/29/14

Agent P
(no known retailer exclusive)
Full Release: 4/29/14


Thank you to all that brought this to my attention!