Release Dates And Exclusives Announced For New Figures, Toy Box Sets, and Power Discs

Phineas & Ferb Toy Box SetGet ready for a lot of information at once. Disney released a lot of information this week on when new Disney Infinity products will be coming to your local retailers. These (should) be the final wave for the original figures and power discs. So get ready, here we go!

GameStop Exclusive

We’ll start out with a new timed exclusive and the only one that we seem to know about (so far at least). Game Stop will be having a timed exclusive on the Phineas & Ferb toy box set. You will be able to get it early at Game Stop from March 14th to April 1st

The Toy Box Set will be available at all retailers starting April 1st.

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The individual Phineas & Ferb figures will also be out in April, but they will not be available until April 29th.

Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box SetThe Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Set will be released along side the Phineas & Ferb Toy Box set on April 1st, though you may be able to pick it up early at Toys “R” Us. Everywhere else has this set scheduled for April 1st, but Toys “R” Us has it slated for release on March 11th, so perhaps they have a timed exclusive.

1344039601437The timed exclusivity on Ralph and Vanellope is coming to an end with both figures set for wide release on January 7th at all retailers.

Frozen FiguresThe individual frozen figure sisters Anna and Elsa are scheduled for wide release on March 11th.

Rapunzel Rapunzel is set to make her wide released on January 7th alongside Ralph and Vanellope at all retailers.

Mickey FigureAnd now the big one… Sorcerer Mickey. He is set for wide release on February 9th, though Toys “R” Us has him listed for January 9th, so perhaps they are getting him early.

Series 3 Power DiscsAnd finally the final round of Power Discs… series 3! Series 3 looks to be released February 9th, alongside the Mikey figure.