Amazon ‘Disney Infinity Infinite Bundle’ with ‘Amazon Exclusive Sorcerer Mickey Figure”

Disney Infinity Bundle Amazon


So this popped up on Amazon over night, with lots of interesting tidbits.

First of all, this is a crazy bundle, but it honestly makes sense. Obviously the holidays should be a huge seller for Disney Infinity and for parents who want to get all the stuff their kids need, this is an easy one-stop shop to get everything.

It is a good deal if you don’t want to bargain shop, you will be saving some money with purchasing the bundle.

Thirdly, they are calling the Frozen Toy Pack a ‘play set’, and while they do call it the ‘Frozen Toy Box’ in the item description, that is still very shady and hopefully Amazon updates that.

Fourth, no Lone Ranger Playset? Sure let’s include EVERYTHING but that. While I understand their reasoning, they want to hit that $199 easy saying/sounding price point, it does still seem odd.

Finally…. the “Amazon Exclusive Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey”. There are two things I find interesting about their wording. In the title of the item it doesn’t say that bundle itself is an Amazon exclusive, but the bundle comes the amazon exclusive Mickey figure. In the item description it does call the bundle an Amazon exclusive though.

So Mickey could be another timed exclusive, but maybe Amazon is only including him in the bundle while they have the exclusive.

Check it all out for yourself over at