Rapunzel Figure To Be A Timed Exclusive at Walmart — Pre-order Available Now

Rapunzel at Walmart

Well if you are a Tangled or Disney Princess fan, time to get excited! The Rapunzel figure is available for pre-order, and would you believe it is yet another timed exclusive! Walmart will be getting the timed exclusive, their second one so far.

Rapunzel back of box

Currently the website lists it as a March 1st release date, but it would be pretty reasonable to assume that is a placeholder date. This could possibly be a holiday release like Ralph and Vanellope. Wouldn’t make sense to release her the whole way out in March.

Head on over to Walmart to check out the pre-order or to check out all the details!

Shout out to ArchuLinShved14 at DisneyInfinityFans for the find!