Report from Toys “R” Us for Crystal Mr. Incredible, Crystal Sulley, and Zurg Power Disc

Crystal Incredible and Sulley

Just got back from my local Toys “R” Us and picked up all three new Disney Infinity exclusives!

There was much confusion at my local store, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

A couple of Disney Infinity fans were out at midnight with the Skylanders players, but were told that the new Disney Infinity stuff would not be out until 8 AM. Which is different than what we were told all week.

Back we all came at 8 AM and nothing was on the shelves. So we went over to the counter and the employees were holding behind the counter (which may be a smart move since it was going to sell out anyways). But they only had the Crystal Sulley available and they didn’t know there was anything else being released.

I spotted the mail bag behind the desk that was clearly labeled about the new power discs, so that solved that problem.

We were just left with the new Mr. Incredible to find. Numerous employees looked all the storage rooms around and couldn’t find it. Finally an employee found the boxes but we hit a new problem… they were labeled to be held until December 8th. Thankfully one of the managers knew that had to be a mistake and let the employees sell them anyways.

So at the end, everything went okay, but it was a bumpy and disorganized road to get there!

How did everyone else manage?

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