Wave 2 Power Discs, Toy Story Play Set, & Frozen Toy Pack Release Dates Announced

Pre-orders for the Disney Infinity Power Discs, Toy Story Play Set, and the Frozen Toy Set have gone online at various retailers giving us fans a look the final packaging, price, and of course release dates!

Up first is the next wave of the blind power disc packs. You’ll notice it has all the characters you can play as in this wave right on the front of the packaging, as well as the words “Series 2” in the upper corner.

Disney’s website does confirm the suspicion that there will be an additional 20 discs in this wave.

The packs are scheduled to be released November 26th. You can pre-order at your favorite retailer including the Disney Store, GameStop, or Toys R Us.

Toy Story Play Set BoxToy Story Play Set Figures

Up next is the much-anticipated Toy Story Play Set. The play set will be released on October 22nd featuring both Buzz and Jesse.

One interesting thing to note about this play set is the design in the box. The play set piece is to the left compared to the middle as in the Lone Ranger and Cars play sets.

Maybe Disney is hoping to alert the consumer that this isn’t just a double or triple character pack. Since we read left to right, your eyes may catch the play set piece first drawing your attention that this is something more than just a bundle pack.

The Toy Story Play Set can be pre-ordered at your favorite retailer including the Disney Store, GameStop, or Toys R Us for $34.99-$39.99.

Frozen Toy PackFrozen Toy Pack Figures

Finally comes the Frozen Toy Pack. This is an intriguing product to me because you are getting 2 figures with 2 power discs at the cost of the already released “triple packs”. Are two power discs really worth the same amount as a third figure? I wouldn’t really say so, especially if the power discs turn out not to be exclusive.

The Toy Pack will be coming out November 26th along side the next round of Power Discs. Priced at $29.99 and available for pre-order from your favorite retailers including the Disney Store, GameStop, and Toys R Us.