EXCLUSIVE/PODCAST: More Information On The Releases That Were Planned for Disney Infinity


More information continues to come from those close to Disney Infinity about what was planned for the future of the Disney Infinity franchise.

Multiple pieces information has already come out regarding the future play sets, premium figure designs, and various other tidbits.

Thanks to a source close to Disney Infinity, I was able to share some more information on the Toys For Games podcast I co-host regarding the planned future of the game.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Remember different departments hear information at different times, so some of this information may have changed or will have eventually been dropped.

You can listen to the full episode below (the new information begins at 1:18:48), a short recap is available below.

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Premium Figures

In addition to the premium figures we’ve known about (Jack Skellington, Buzz Lightyear, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Elsa, and Darth Vader) the team also were designing a premium figure of Yoda. It appears though that the Yoda figure was scrapped and may not have even hit the 3D Modeling phase.

We’ve seen the attacks of some of the “premium” figures before in my exclusive reveal earlier this week, but now I can share Elsa’s new special move. Some have already theorized this, but yes, Elsa was going to be able to summon Marshmallow to crush the enemies. Unfortunately no video yet, but hopefully the animation will show up at some point!

Peter Pan, Maui, and Moana Abilities


We’ve already saw the figure design for Peter Pan, but now we know some information regarding his attacks.

Obviously his core attack would be based around his sword and his ability to fly.

Though the most unique feature for Peter Pan was his shadow. You would have been able to cast his shadow away from him, and have it go and attack the enemies.


After the images of the Moana and Maui figures showed up, many asked where was Maui’s hook?

Thankfully Maui did have his hook in his repertoire, which actually added a new gameplay mechanic to the game.

The player would be able to use the hook to grab enemies or items like blocks and rocks. You could then pull the blocks to clear a path for you to advance, like other platforming style games.

In the leaked screenshots of the game, you could see Moana clearing a path through the ocean. This was one of her core abilities, and would have allowed players to explore different areas and create their own paths.

Beauty & The Beast


One of the highly anticipated films of 2017 is the Emma Watson led live-action adaptation of Beauty & The Beast.

Belle and Beast would have made their Disney Infinity debut alongside the release of the film. Not shockingly, but also not surprisingly, they are based on the live action designs.

They haven’t (publically) shown off Belle’s dress or the look of the Beast for the film, so I’ll withhold judgment until later.

But obviously, like a lot of Disney fans, the classic designs always have a special place in our hearts.

Cars 3 & Pirates of the Caribbean 5


Thanks to the Kotaku report, we know some new play sets that were coming down the pipeline for Disney Infinity. Two of the ones I was able to get more information for were Cars 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5

In Cars 3, it would have featured 2 or 3 new figures. You would think one would be a new Lightning McQueen, as I’m sure he has a new design in the film. In addition, we already know two of the new main characters of the film are Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm.

My source said that they had some really fun plans to take racing in Disney Infinity to the “next level”.

Toy Box Speedway was a huge step for racing in Disney Infinity, and I know the Disney Infinity team had some great ideas to make it even better.

For Pirates of the Caribbean 5, yes indeed Jack Sparrow would be getting a new figure. So yes, Johnny Depp’s figure could would be up to 4 (or 5 if you count the Crystal Jack Sparrow!).

In addition my source said there were another boy and girl coming (logic would suggest a Will Turner figure and a figure for the new character, Carina Smyth).

Wrap up

So there you have it, that’s most of what I know about the cancelled plans for Disney Infinity going forward. More information will be coming out in the next few days, weeks, and even months.

While it’s sad to see or heat what we won’t be getting in Disney Infinity, I enjoy hearing what was to come. I really appreciate all the hard work the various team members put in to try and make as great of a game as possible. The team really wants to show how much they were listening and doing the best they could to bring great things to Disney Infinity!

If you worked on Disney Infinity and have anything you want the public to see, you can anonymously contact me via the methods on the Contact page. Would love to hear from you!



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  • Caitlin

    looking forward to the art leaking for all of these

  • J A H

    Basing Beauty & The Beast on the new film would’ve been crazy and I don’t understand why they would pass on the classic designs, which have become iconic. I really don’t understand the logic behind some of Disney Infinity’s choices, particularly when it comes to movie tie-ins, like using classic Baloo, but not using classic Alice in Wonderland or Maleficent, and not even doing a Cinderella. I feel like the game’s designers and creators had a feel for what gamers wanted, but the higher-ups that made all decisions didn’t have a clue.

    • Dom Cunningham

      Yeah, the release of classic Baloo made sense; release the version people already know to promote the new version. That way, if the new version is no good, people will still have the version they already like. Exactly how many people are going to be racing to the store to get Time after seeing Through the Looking Glass?

    • Mathew Gibbons

      They used classic Baloo because 2016 Baloo just looks like a regular bear.

  • randomcorner


  • Sam E

    As sad as it is too see this amazing game come to an end, unfortunately before it was cancelled I had reached a point of not being excited about it anymore. For me it just became pointless to look forward to new figures because they would always be based on whatever new movie was out at the time rather than one that I have loved for years. What finally tipped me over was when the Tim Burton Alice was leaked, although I like the figure I absolutely wanted the classic character. And if they weren’t going to make the classic Beauty and the Beast then I can’t say I’m completely down about the cancellation. Although knowing Peter Pan was literally next in line is heart breaking and I don’t think I’ll ever get over that one.

    I do believe that if the creative team had more say we probably would’ve gotten more characters like Ariel, Robin Hood or Cruella. But sadly whoever made those final decisions were mistaken to think investing in characters that had no following whatsoever, and half the time were from movies that flopped, would sell more than those who have proven to still be successful for generations. But I digress, this was a fantastic game on so many levels and I have great admiration for all those on the Infinity team. And I do appreciate the work they put in because it shows in the game how passionate and dedicated they were to the characters that did make it through. Although this game didn’t realize it’s full potential it was truly a valiant effort.

    For Infinity and Beyond