EXCLUSIVE LOOK: Cancelled Disney Infinity 3.0 Premium Figure In-Game Attack Animations


Today, Infiniteer Adventures and myself have the great pleasure to show the Disney Infinity something I think you will enjoy!

As talked about previously, Disney Infinity was planning a line of “premium” Disney Infinity figures that would reach up to 12 inches and feature Light FX technology.

In addition to just looking incredible, they also would have some new in-game attacks, moves, etc.

We’ve already seen the figure designs for Hulk, Jack Skellington, and and a concept of Hulkbuster. Elsa and Buzz were also being made for the line, but have not been shown off yet.

Today, thanks to sources close to Disney Infinity, we finally get to take a look at how these new figures would act like in-game!

Below are just a sneak peak of the attacks of Hulk, Jack Skellington, Hulkbuster, and Darth Vader.

Check out the video at the end from Infiniteer Adventures showing off all the footage we have so far! Be sure to subscribe to Infiniteer Adventures on YouTube to see more upcoming reveals!