Retailer Shows Finding Dory Play Set And Additional Figure Releasing For Disney Infinity In June


We’re slowly getting a better picture of what will launching for Disney Infinity fans to celebrate the release of the Finding Dory movie.

Obviously we already know that a Finding Dory Play Set featuring a Finding Dory figure is coming, but now we’ve got out first information about an additional figure that will be releasing as well.

Amazon Italy has both the Play Set and an additional figure listed, both releasing on June 23rd.

Recent words from many in the Disney Infinity leadership team have said that the plan is to continue to release one figure in each play set. Though that is not ‘set in stone’, but it’s a very good chance that the Finding Dory Play Set will include just Dory.

Both the Play Set and Figure are listed as “Nemo”. So unfortunately it’s too early to say Nemo is confirmed, as it could just be incorrect categorization. But I would guess Nemo has a chance of being one of the playable Finding Dory figures.

Will there be more Finding Dory figures?

From my pure speculation, I’ve felt that Finding Dory would be represented with 2-3 figures. Obviously the Dory figure is already confirmed, but I’m eager to see what else will be coming! It’s too early to say that this is all we’re getting for Finding Dory. Amazon Italy doesn’t have a listing for the Alice individual figure, so obviously their listing is not complete.

It is important to note, the release dates of the Finding Dory movie are scattered throughout the summer (anywhere from middle of June to the end of September). So I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney Infinity chose to just make a more concrete release window, rather than try to release the Play Set in each territory around when the film releases.

I’m still anticipating a release date of June 14th for the Finding Dory content for Disney Infinity, if previous patterns hold true.

So what can Disney Infinity players look forward to in the next two months?

So three individual / Toy Box figure releases in late May (Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time). Then in mid-late June we’ll have the Finding Dory Play Set with Dory figure and at least one additional figure.

As far as power discs goes, no word on any for Alice or Finding Dory yet. But with the number of places the Alice figures are popping up, I would have expected a corresponding Power Disc Pack to pop up by now. So doesn’t look good for that at the moment.

I remain hopeful for a Finding Dory Power Disc Pack, as there could be a lot of fun discs created, but no evidence supporting either side at this moment.

Things will become clear at the next Disney Infinity NEXT event, which I expect to happen in early to mid May.

Thanks to my good friend James (aka @InfinityMuseum) for the heads up on the Italy listing!

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  • Caitlin

    I’d guess the figure with the playset would be Nemo and the playset would cover both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

    • Matthew Fieldhouse

      I would like both Nemo and Dory then, good idea

    • Jus10

      I don’t they’ll give us two stories in one. They hardly gave us a battlegrounds story with a part-time of less than an hour.

      • Techstro

        Marvel Battlegrounds was good but limited, not infinite. We need more bacon and cheese, don’t get me wrong, the beef is Angus and the bun is gourmet savoury, but that’s a just an exercise, what’s needed is an adventure!

  • Chris

    To Caitlin: it def won’t cover finding Nemo. Did monsters u cover monsters inc? No. Why would this be any different? They want to support their new movie.

    To anyone who cares: because they want to support their new movie, I would guess they will have a figure that’s only from finding dory and not finding Nemo, so that the customers know it’s for finding dory. But my same example of monsters u disproves that since they only did characters that were in both movies. So who knows I guess.

    I suppose as I’m saying this out loud, there probably won’t be another figure, cuz usually these leaks happen at the same time. Why would this page list the playset and only one figure if there are more figures, unless the other figures will be released later. But that’d be weird cuz they obv want to coincide with the release of the movie. So that one figure is probably Nemo…or Marlin…is he still alive in finding dory? It’s a Disney movie, so he prob dies in the opening scene

    • Jus10

      Well it could have both, I mean consider that the first playset had 3 long stories on it (Pirates, Monsters, Incredibles). So while it’s unlikely, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

      • Chris

        That’s a little different, because those were totally different playsets (plus for a first year game it had to showcase a little of everything, they couldn’t just pack in 1 playset like 2.0 and 3.0. Caitlin is referring to one playset encompassing 2 movies, and I personally don’t think the finding Nemo “saga” carries as much weight as Star Wars. But stranger things have happened and at the end of the day, Disney can do whatever they want so who knows.

        • Jus10

          Right, they needed to show off. But overall, the playsets from 1.0 were much longer than the playsets we have now, not even counting Battlegrounds. I felt that 3.0 play sets were very short, and very repetitive.

          • Chris

            Well have to agree to disagree on that one. I thought the playsets were….maybe shorter, but much more interesting and diverse among their missions, especially in 2.0. I wish there more playsets in 2.0, that’s why 3.0 excites me! 1.0 playsets were INCREDIBLY repetitive. Toy story literally was dressing up aliens as different things for EVERY side mission.

          • Jus10

            I think Toy Story’s playset was in a lot of ways a copy of Toy Story 3, which was a lot of inspiration for Disney Infinity. But I totally agree that 2.0 had great stories, but 3.0’s stories seemed rushed.

          • Chris

            Great stories are certainly what you get when bendis is writing them

          • Techstro

            But have we seen the full measure of the most thorough story line we’ll get from 3.0 at length, width, and height? In Star Wars? Is that the reality dimension that we live in?

          • Chris

            Lol, are you high? What does any of that even mean?

          • Techstro

            High? Mentally, yes, my level of consciousness is above average. However, I can assure you that there is no induction involved…

          • Techstro

            It means in Star Wars the story lines were short. It leads me to believe that there will only be shorter storylines because Star Wars was the Model Playset for 3.0
            Cross glancing, it covered there playset where all the characters had infinite crossover compatibility. Battlegrounds had the four player feature as stand-in for a healthy storyline. Maybe the other playset will have its own unique sub. 4.0 is where 4-player and all the other features combine as 1. No more exclusive playset, it’ll be as open as the Toybox which was indicates the essence in the title by the term “Infinity.”

          • Jus10

            You made all that up about 4.0, but at least you agree with me that the playsets for 3.0 were way to short.

  • Techstro

    Okay, I hate to throw a wrench in everybody’s gears, and I’m actually ashamed to say this in the midst of the all the meaningful sentimental passion being shared right now so I’ll bite my tongue most aggressively as I kindly exclaim, that I haven’t the slightest concern whatsoever for this playset… Now please don’t report me for abuse. I diluted my statement to an almost 2% concentration. If I’ve offended anyone I’ll gracefully edit it and if need be remove it but the fact remains: that no playset is for general audiences, but they are targeted, and this one missed me by at least 40 miles. As I may go see finding Nemo, when it comes to “DI,” oil and vinegar don’t mix…

    • Lance Devon

      I cannot say this sentiment is not shared. The Nemo set idea doesn’t appeal to me one bit, even prior to the official discovery. Figured if anything Nemo would come it would come in power discs. This reeks of Cars all over again, where they’re useless in most conditions as figures.

      Though a part of me still giggles to the idea of them floating in a fishbowl on wheels for Toy Box exploration.

      • Techstro

        I’ll toast to that sir…cheers!

  • Lance Devon

    My bet is this set will be a two-for. Just Dory for an entire playset seems isolated (especially if “dying” in involved, as most other playsets asks you to switch to another character).

    • Jus10

      But what would you even fight? And how? And what kind of projectiles will she have? So many questions.

      • Lance Devon

        Depends, there can be “dangers” in the sense of no-touch areas. Like lava blocks currently used in the game now. It does not have to have combat involved to have deaths included.

        • Jus10

          Ooh, right, like cars.

    • Techstro

      I didn’t consider that, but you know there is always the “start back at ___” thing so I won’t say “there’s no way” based on that fact. And yet, somehow I feel as though this playset is just a quickie, a filler, a place holder, a decoy(well maybe not a decoy), like Hulkbuster and Ultron. There was no playset. Toybox Takeover is like the universal adapter but it didn’t go to playset level. Albeit almost, no not so much. Oh well, I give up. Here’s to the upcoming Disney Next event…


    My family is looking forward to the Dory figure, but I am really hoping they make a Bruce or Crush figure.

    • Commenter

      I’m guessing Marlin or Nemo will come with the playset, but maybe Bruce or Crush was the individual figure.