PSA: Disney Infinity Details Patches Notes For March 2016 Update


Disney Infinity published the official Patch Notes for the recent Disney Infinity 3.0 update this afternoon.

That’s right, the update actually did something else besides show us our first look at the Alice Through The Looking Glass figures and offer a tease at more Disney figures to come.

Here are the basics of what the patch did (obviously I’m sure it did some more specific fixes as well, but this is just the grand overview)

New Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set


  • The brand-new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set can now be accessed when the Play Set piece is put down on the base. (Available for purchase on March 15.)
  • This includes rebalanced move sets for Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition): Marvel Super Heroes characters inside of the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set.
  • Added Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set feats.


New Figures


The Hall of Heroes is expanded to make room for newly-added figures.


The following Figures can now be used in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set and Toy Box 3.0:

  • Captain America – The First Avenger (Available on March 15)
  • Ant-Man (Available on March 15)
  • Black Panther (Available on March 15)
  • Vision (Available on March 15)


The following Figures can now be used in Toy Box 3.0:

  • Judy Hopps (Available Now)
  • Nick Wilde (Available Now)
  • Baloo (Available on March 15)


New Ways to Play in Flynn’s Arcade


  • Added a local multiplayer option. You can now open a Toy Box Cabinet in split-screen mode.
  • Added new feature that matches a player with a random Toy Box Cabinet where other players are waiting to join.
  • You can now replay a game within a Toy Box Cabinet.


Improved Toy Box


  • Toy Box Memory improvements.
  • Improvements to saving your progress in the Toy Box.
  • Fixed various bugs in the Toy Box, including the Toy Box Hub.


Improved Play Sets


  • Improvements to saving your progression in Play Sets.
  • Improved game performance across all Play Sets.


General Improvements


  • Improved network multiplayer.

  • Fixed minor bugs.

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  • John Hunt


  • Bobthefirst

    Any sort of news about the Kylo Ren Light FX figure’s release date yet?

  • J S

    I touched this in another area a few days ago but now that the patch notes are up this seems like a better place. Patch is still kind of glitchy, hopefully they will issue 2.0.1 soon. Few things I saw, in Hall of Super Heroes it listed the Ghost Rider cycle disc already on even though it hasn’t been released yet (only 3 spaces left open for the new discs), and no space for Black Suit Spidey. Will he have another pedestal or does it just share with Red Suit? I’m on PS3 if that makes any difference. Also, it removed the disc for the Quad Jumper from saying it was there when it is. Code issue? I will keep an eye out on it after I get the battlegrounds discs and see if it resolves, but it is messing with my Feng Shui. 🙂

    One thing that was cool, I was able to glitch outside of Hall of Heroes with Venom. Gotta swing way high to get over the wall and out, but you can see the Hall island from the outside. Pretty cool view.

    • Bill Misek

      Black suit spidey uses the same pedestal as the red and blue one. On the floor around the base you’ll see a bunch of black goop representing the black suit.

  • Magical frontier

    One glitch I’ve found is in the toy box. The mid sized waterfall terrain piece does not work properly for me since the update. Once I select it from ribbon the piece will not move the screen moves as if the piece was moving but it stays stationary. Can’t be moved in spark mode either. Anyone else experiencing this glitch?

  • chrisgriswold

    I hope they make the Toy Box Hub Ewok Village appear on Wii U

  • Bill Misek

    They also changed up the move set, special move, & skill tree on black suit spidey so he isn’t just a reskin of regular spidey. It’s pretty cool makes him feel a little different. There is a article about on it, I’m surprised infinity themselves haven’t talked more about this.

  • Maxx

    I’d really love it if they patched the Force Awakens Playset so you can actually complete the “Lake Collect” challenge and unlock BB-8 for your Toy Box. The challenge is ridiculously difficult! I have everything else unlocked except BB-8!