First Look: Toy Box Game Disc Packaging


We’ve known the Toy Box Game Disc packs were coming next year at a price for $19.99.

But question is, how were they going to be packaged? Well here is your answer!

Thanks again to Fury Diamond (@RangerCrewwe see the first images of what the packaging looks like.

Looks like they may be similar in height to the that of the Disney Infinity figures themselves.

Again, look for these next year in stores for $19.99 a piece.

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  • Craig

    It would be far cheaper to buy these pre-owned? In the UK their £3 each pre-owned.
    Also I hope they do more of these disks, more to play doesn’t hurt!

    • Maximelene

      That’s not the same discs at all than those you see at £3. These ones are not random (so there is less reasons to sell them for cheap just to get rid of doubles), and are sold at 4 times the price of random ones (they cost 20€, when two random disks cost 5€).

      • Craig

        No I don’t mean the blind bags. I mean the disks that are with the starter packs mentioned in this article. I know the only way prior to these new 2 packs I with the starters, however companies that deal with preowned games have been selling the discs for £3 a piece. I even found stitches disc for £3 despite not being out yet.
        So £3 each, £6 for the two. I will own the avengers ones with the starter, but I was planning on grabbing the stitch and merida game discs preowned as their a steal at £3 if their coming at £20 later…

  • chris

    when will they come in the UK?

    • InfinityInquirer

      I’d imagine around the same window.