Disney Infinity ‘Toy Box Game’ Disc Packs Priced At $19.99


The 2 packs of the Disney Infinity Toy Box Game Discs will be sold early next year for $19.99 each.

This will allow you to purchase the Toy Box Game Discs separately from either of the Starter Packs if you choose not to go that route.

If you break down the math, in most cases it will always be cheaper to purchase the starter packs.

Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack: $13.99+$13.99+$13.99+$34.99+$19.99 = $96.95 (with the digital software it’ll be $116.94/$126.94)

Disney Originals Starter Pack: $13.99+$13.99+19.99= $47.97 (factor in a free figure with your pre-order, and you’re back at retail value of $60 — digital software ups that price to $70/$80).

Obviously for some of you, it’s still worth the wait for the experience you want. But for most, it’s best just to pre-order another Starter Pack.

If you don’t want the base, just recycle it or give it to someone so they can play using the digital download deal.


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