Confirmed: Aladdin ‘Toy Box Pack’ Coming With Both Figures & Exclusive Power Discs



As I speculated last night when the two Aladdin Power Discs (that were already officially announced) weren’t shown in that poster, they must be in a two-pack. And they are.

The two Aladdin themed power discs ‘Sands of Agrabah’ and ‘Jasmine’s View’ will NOT be available in the Disney Original Power Disc packs.

If you want to get those two discs, they will only be available in what I’ll call (unofficially) the Aladdin Toy Box Pack in 2015.

I’d imagine Jasmine will be available as a single figure, but I’d hold off on purchasing either figure as it’d be best to get them in this Toy Box Pack.


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  • Paisley ♥

    well I people that bought them separate will be kinda screwed I mean why would you want two sets of them just for the discs?

    • Jospeh

      Well seeing as the power discs come in blind pack it would probably end up being cheaper to get the set if you really wanted the discs

      • phoenixrising75

        You can’t get those two power discs in blind packs. Just with the set

        • ManBeast

          Where does it say that?

          • phoenixrising75

            Read the article. It says so right up there ^

          • ManBeast

            ahh right 🙂

          • phoenixrising75

            No worries 🙂

  • Lucy

    I thought they weren’t selling double or triple packs this time

    • Mathew Gibbons

      I think they just meant triple packs.

      • Lucy

        Oh okay that’s a shame, it’s easier to buy singe figures rather than waiting for the double packs

  • Andy/DI20 Fan

    We know this is all real, but does anyone know when the Aladdin and Jasmine Toy Box Pack is coming out? I’d say early next year….

  • Dawis-Infinity

    Does somebody know if they would do the same with Hiro & Baymax or did i miss an information

    • Mathew Gibbons

      They haven’t confirmed anything yet but considering the exclusive nature of these power discs and the fact the Hiro and Baymax reveal screenshots include a Big Hero 6 skybox I think it’s pretty likely.

  • Blazingsonic

    I sure hope we will see them this year instead of next, I want my Princess Super Sentai!

  • chris

    what will be the release dates for the uk?

  • robwop

    Does this mean they will be part of another series? Seen as they aren’t included in the Disc Albums.