Official Images for Crystal Series Mr. Incredible, Sulley, and Race to Space Pack

Disney Infinity Toys R Us Exclusive Crystal Mr. Incredible


Toys  R Us Canada has released the official images of their exclusive Crystal Series line for Mr. Incredible, Sulley, and the Race to Space pack.

As we recently posted, Sulley and Mr. Incredible are set for release on Octber 11th and the Race to Space pack is going to be released on November 1st. It is important to note that so far all the confirmations are on the Canadian release dates, but I would imagine the US release dates will be similar.

In my opinion, Mr. Incredible and Buzz look sweet, but still unsure on the look of Sulley.

Disney Infinity Toys R Us Exclusive Crystal Sulley pTRUCA1-17022608dt

Source: Toys R Us Canada, via VinylmationKingdom

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