Here Is What The Buzz Lightyear “Premium / 12″” Disney Infinity Figure Would Have Looked Like


The sixth figure in the line of cancelled Disney Infinity “premium” figures has been revealed today.

Infiniteer Adventures once again gives us the exclusive look at the highly desired Buzz Lightyear premium figure.

The Buzz Lightyear premium / 12″ figure features a design of Buzz just getting ready to launch off the crowd. Blasters full engaged and creating a smoke cloud along the ground!

Looking at the figure, you can tell the blue streaks from the back of Buzz Lightyear would have gave a wonderful glow.

No word on what his new move set would be, but after seeing the attacks of some of the other premium figures, I’m sure they would have been incredible.

Previously we have seen the designs of Hulk, Jack Skellington, HulkbusterDarth Vader, and Elsa!


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