Here Is What The Darth Vader “Premium / 12″” Disney Infinity Figure Would Have Looked Like


Today, thanks to Infiniteer Adventures, we get to take a look at the Disney Infinity Darth Vader “premium” figure that would have been released this year for the die-hard Disney Infinity collector.

Previously we saw concept art of the Hulk figure and most recently saw a look at the Jack Skellington and Hulkbuster premium Disney Infinity figure.

We also know the other figures in the premium line would have featured (at least): Buzz Lightyear and Elsa.

These “premium” figures featured new in-game abilities as well as making different parts of the figure glow, all while standing nearly 12″ tall!

This week, I also got to share with you an exclusive look at the gameplay of some of the premium Disney Infinity figures as well!

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