PODCAST: Toys For Games Ep #80 With ‘Inside Infinity’ & ‘Infiniteer Adventures’


Last night, we had the pleasure of having three special guests join us for a fun-filled Disney Infinity themed Toys For Games podcast! Joining us this week are Will and Lloyd from the Inside Infinity podcast as well as the man behind the Infiniteer Adventures youtube channel (who I’ve nicknamed Jim). Listen to it below!

Episode 80 was a long time in the making, but after everything that has happened with Disney Infinity the last couple of months, now was the time to finally have an in-depth conversation with some special guests. Joining us on the podcast for a great Disney Infinity, we had Lloyd (@dasme) and Will (@iliam) from DisneyInfinity.tv, as well as @Infiniteering from Twitter and the Infiniteer Adventures YouTube, or “Jim” as we came to know him. We discussed the cancellation of Disney Infinity, all the recently revealed figures that were coming next for the game, and so much more. We also made our guests stick around for emails and the #CommunityQuestion!

After saying goodbye to our three special guests, we got down to the news from our favorite four franchises, talking about the Premium Jack Skellington figure we’ll never get, confusing wording regarding Teen Titans Go! in LEGO Dimensions, alleged Skylanders prototypes, and some upcoming amiibo releases.

We wrapped up the show with a challenging Inquire This! trivia question that was sent in on a handwritten note, because how else would someone submit an Inquire This! challenge, right? All this and more on Episode 80 of the Toys For Games ‘Cast!

You can catch the audio version embedded below on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcasting service like iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.