FIRST LOOK: Nemo Disney Infinity Figure Final Packaging (It Has the Power Discs!)


The will-it-or-wont-it discussions regarding the Power Discs inclusions in the Disney Infinity Nemo figure for the Finding Dory Play Set can finally be put the rest.

As you can see in this image sent to me by a reader, the Nemo packaging will indeed include the two Finding Nemo terrain and skydome discs from 1.0.


It looked like the discs may have been dropped, when all the Amazon retailer websites all changed to a new “discless” image at the same time.


But it looks like packaging #1 is indeed the final package when you can pick up the Nemo figure and the Finding Dory Play Set on June 17th.

Thanks to ______ who sent me the image in an e-mail today! Truth be told… I have NO idea where the e-mail went! I saved the image, but somehow lost the e-mail. So I apologize for whoever sent the tip in, if it was you please let me now!