PODCAST: We Talk With Patrick Klepek, Revealing More Insight Into The Disney Infinity Future


Two days after, the sudden and shocking news that Disney Infinity was cancelled, Patrick Klepek broke a story giving some insight into what was coming down the Disney Infinity pipeline.

Fans across the Disney Infinity landscape felt a wide range of emotions. Sadness we would never see any of the awesome projects, happiness knowing that Disney Infinity were adding in many major fan requests, and just plain confusion because it seemed like Disney Infinity was heading into the right direction.

But I think many of us were just left with more questions.

So with that being said, my Toys-For-Games podcast co-host reached out to Patrick to see if he wanted to come on our show. Thankfully he agreed and was able to offer many new tidbits that I think all Disney Infinity fans will find interesting and worth a listen!

From conflicts inside at Disney, who knew and when did they know, and of course many items that haven’t been revealed yet! Including a surprise scoup of a new Marvel figure that was in development, and will be a pleasant surprise I think to many of you (Spoiler for those who want to know)

You can listen to the podcast below or head to your favorite podcast app (iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play).

If you just want to listen to the Disney Infinity section, you can skip ahead to the 00:07:03 mark. The entire segments lasts until about the 01:00:00 mark.

For the TL;DL crowd, I’ll have a write-up tomorrow about all the reveals in the interview.

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