RUMOR: Disney Infinity Has One Last Surprise, Play Set Achievements Incoming?


Disney may have one final surprise up their sleeves, Achievements (or trophies) for two Play Sets: Marvel Battlegrounds and Finding Dory.

After LEGO Dimensions release last year, which had achievements for every new level pack that came out, many of you asked why Disney wasn’t doing the same thing.

It was one of the items that I felt Disney would tackle in their next “.0” release, which unfortunately we are not getting.

But it looks like they are getting ready to implement that change early.

Spotted by EarthDjinn, the Xbox 360 listing of Disney Infinity 3.0 has been updated over at fan site 

For those unaware, a lot of achievements leak early due to developers unlocking them while testing the game.

Will these come to light? Hard to say. Obviously everything is in fluidity right now, but obviously it’s positive progress!

So we’ll have to see if we do get one final patch, and if it will unlock new Achievements.

Here are the achievements for the Finding Dory Play Set:


The three Alice figures are set for release on May 24th.

Finding Dory Play Set and the Nemo single figure are set for release on June 17th.

Source: Reddit