FIRST LOOK: Screenshots Of The Finding Dory Play Set Introduction For Disney Infinity


Here is our first glimpse at the intro mission in the Finding Dory Play Set. The images come from Keven Keele who helped design some of the beautiful environments we’ve seen over the years in Disney Infinity.

The descriptions of the images say they are from the introduction level of the Finding Dory Play Set (set for release in mid-June for Disney Infinity).

These images look absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to see more gameplay of the play set when it comes!

As of posting, we’ve seen the Nemo figure and packaging, as well as the Dory figure. But we haven’t seen the Finding Dory Play Set packaging yet, the lone remaining Disney Infinity mystery.

Check out the other images below, and be sure to head over to his Art Station page to see some other Disney Infinity art!

This will be the final release for the now-cancelled Disney Infinity game, and it’s looking really great so far. This seems like it will be a great way to go out!

If you’ve loved playing Disney Infinity over the years and want to send the team some goodbye wishes, be sure to head over and share your message over at the large Disney Infinity Thank You card!