We Have Our First Look at Nemo Coming to Disney Infinity 3.0


Thanks to Amazon Mexico, and a quick eye first by Nación Pix and then noticed by SuperKitaroShinX over at DisneyInfinityFans, we have our first look at the Finding Nemo figure for Disney Infinity 3.0!

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there are power discs packaged with the figure. How cool is that?

Now yes, these are the same power discs that came out in Disney Infinity 1.0, but it’s a great chance for those who missed them before to grab them now.


Plus, this really is intriguing because what does it mean for Disney Infinity figures moving forward? Many people have discussed the idea about packaging power discs with Disney Infinity figures, and it’s really cool to see it happening!

As of right now, no official word on the price of the figure, but I can’t imagine adding these will cause Disney Infinity to increase the price of the figure. At least I hope not!


Remember, we already have our first look at the Finding Dory figure that will be coming in the Play Set thanks to a Kraft Mac & Cheese Box.


Still no official word if there will be a second figure or not.

My speculation based on some discussion from Disney Infinity team members, I think we will only be getting Dory.