Preview Of Next Week’s Disney Infinity Sales At GameStop & Toys”R”Us


Retailers are being sure to take advantage of the final week before Easter Sunday by offering a tremendous amount of deals for Toys-To-Life games including Disney Infinity.

I’ve brought you before a peak at Target and Best Buy’s sales next week, and now it’s time to show what GameStop and Toys”R”Us will be offering as well.


GameStop will be offering select Disney Infinity 3.0 Power Disc Packs for $4.99 and select figures for $9.99.

Unfortunately the word select means anything but the releases that came out on 3/15.

Ant-Man, Baloo, Black Panther, Boba Fett, Black Suit Spider-Man, Vision, and the Battlegrounds Power Discs are all excluded from the sale.

(This matches what Best Buy is doing as well next week, excluding the new figures from the sale)

[GameStop’s Sales runs from the 18th to the 27th]


  • Buy 1 Get 1 for $1 — All Disney Infinity figures
  • Get a Disney Infinity Power Disc Pack for $1 when you purchase Marvel Battlegrounds

This sneak peak comes from Darthvdogg, so I haven’t personally seen the ad to verify anything. He does state though that he doesn’t see any restrictions. Plus typically Toys”R”Us is pretty good about not offering sales with restrictions/exclusions. So hopefully all figures are included with that sale.

Also can’t verify if Marvel Battlegrounds will be $19.99 still next week, or if it will go back to the normal price of $29.99.


  • $4.99-$8.99 — Best Buy (excludes new releases)
  • $7.99 — Toys”R”Us (should include the new releases, must buy 2)
  • $9.99 — GameStop (excludes the new releases)
  • $10.49 — Target (includes new releases, must buy 2)