Disney Infinity Team “Evaluating” Their Strategy with PC Release, No Battlegrounds Play Set


Over the past couple of weeks, there has been some rumblings about the status of the Disney Infinity PC release, which I purposely chose not to discuss as I didn’t want to start a fire if there wasn’t one to be had.

Unfortunately it became clear the past 24 hours, that it is as bad as people have feared.

The PC release always felt like a bit “different”. It was a different kind of release, even from the eventual mobile releases. But it still was relatively popular, with some being their main (or even only) access to the Disney Infinity game.

But now it looks like development has hid a major stop sign.

Members of the Disney Infinity team took to twitter to let out the news regarding the PC platform. (NOTE: There has been no “official” statement/release from Disney Infinity)


So that seems to be a pretty big hit to the PC releases.

If this was just Battlegrounds by itself, I could somewhat understand. Battlegrounds was a huge undertaking with numerous changes to the play style, so perhaps that didn’t mesh well to their PC platform.

But not even having Nick or Judy? That doesn’t bode well for any future release.

Thankfully they are doing something to help those with figures that aren’t supposed on the PC platform.

If you’ve been following the PC release closely at all, you know it’s been marred with problems from the beginning.

Delayed release, performance issues, unkept promises, etc.

Just take a few minutes and read the reviews of the PC release, and you’ll get a better understanding.

It’s 100% understandable to be upset from a PC player’s standpoint, even from the beginning.

The general marketing has been console and PC versions are exactly the same. But if you’ve played the PC version, you know that’s not true.

While many of you console players have been upset about not being able to play online in the Play Sets, PC players haven’t been able to play multiplayer in ANY mode.

Unfortunately I think it was just a lot of mix messages for what they were offering/trying to achieve from the PC release.

I do hope they come back to the PC platform, but hopefully this time with a clearer explanation from the start what to expect from the PC release.