Finding Dory and Alice: Through The Looking Glass Coming To Disney Infinity


At the end of the inaugural Disney Infinity NEXT yesterday, John Vignocchi offered a big tease at the end of the episode,

“We’ll see you next time, where we’ll give you an update on some of our favorite fish and take a peek through the looking glass” (Source, 11:35)

If you’ve been following my updates here at InfinityInquirer you know that three figures from Alice: Through The Looking Glass were already leaked (just the names so far): Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time.

Plus, you may remember my theory (with evidence!) back in January about why I thought Finding Dory Play Set was coming to Disney Infinity 3.0.

So it’s very exciting to see both of these franchises getting the Disney Infinity treatment!

We know at least one Disney and one Pixar play set are coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016, so these could both be high candidates for those Play Sets.

I’m extremely excited to see how the Disney Infinity team handles swimming with the Finding Dory characters. Plus they have a chance to be some of the coolest figures released!

So when can we expect the official announcement on these figures? We don’t know yet, but let’s take a look at when the films release.

Alice: Through The Looking Glass releases on May 27th in the US (earliest release in other territories is May 25th).

Finding Dory releases on June 17th in the US (earliest release in other territories is June 16th).

Obviously you would assume Disney Infinity would release the figures on the Tuesday/Friday of the release week like they have been doing, but hopefully we get the announcement more than 2 weeks before the release.

Leaks are still a big thing for Disney Infinity, and they’re coming from all sorts of ways (who would have thought a french Disney magazine would leak Alice?).

Hopefully the next Disney Infinity NEXT happens at the beginning of May at the latest, but perhaps even at the end of April would be sufficient to get ahead of the leaks.