John Vignocchi Provides Update If BB-8, Darkwing Duck, or ‘VR’ Will Make It To Disney Infinity 3.0


Speaking to Brian Crecente at Polygon, John Vignocchi gave us an update on two highly requested characters… and it’s not all bad news!

“We are absolutely investigating BB-8,” he said. “It’s a challenge because BB-8 is a totally different sort of character than we’ve done before; he’s not a vehicle, not a biped or even a [quadruped]. We’re looking at what we can do for that particular character. We will release it when it makes sense, if we’re going to.”

Darkwing Duck, a long-held personal favorite of Vignocchi’s, is also still not in development as a figure. At least not yet.

Disney Infinity continues to poll fans for their favorites, and Darkwing Duck is high on the list, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s coming to the game as a figure.

So at least they are taking a serious look at BB-8. I think he’d be really hard to design. I’ve long been a fan of the idea of Disney even releasing figures in the Disney Infinity art style, but aren’t playable. Make them ‘amiibo-esque’ and perhaps even unlock some content. But obviously I don’t see them ever doing that.

Alas, as I’ve said before, Darkwing Duck is currently not in development. He seems like, in my opinion, the sawn song figure for Disney Infinity. When the day comes that Disney Infinity ceases development, he’ll be the last figure. Might as well go out out top!

One other interesting piece of note in the talk with Brian was the idea of Virtual Reality (or VR)

With VR or AR headsets planned for many of the platforms on which Disney Infinity 3.0 is available, is the company looking at bringing the game to these different reality headsets?

“We are looking at the technology,” he said. “Finding ways we can leverage technology to provide new and compelling experiences for our fans is a priority to us at Disney.”

How fun would it be to farm in Virtual Reality? Let’s be honest withourselves… it’d be a blast.