First Up Close Look At The Captain America: The First Avenger Disney Infinity Figure!


We got our first up close look at the Captain America: The First Avenger figure that will be coming in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set thanks to instagram user madswag12345!

They were able to pick it up early this weekend, and thankfully gave us an up-close look at the detail on the new Captain America figure.

Here are the images they provided:

Obviously nothing new is going to get revealed via the back of the box (this character lineup is the same one that was leaked via Amazon last fall).

But still don’t rule out the possibility of more Marvel figures coming for Marvel Battlegrounds in the future.

I’m sure we’ll get an even better look at the figure in the Disney Infinity NEXT event on Tuesday! Be sure to head over to my prediction page to get an idea of what to expect to be revealed.