Disney Infinity Looks To Have Changed Price Of Marvel Battlegrounds; Now $19.99 At Four Retailers


After Disney Infinity said they were listening to customer feedback to only include one figure in a Play Set, they appeared to have been listening once again.

Just over two weeks after Disney Infinity officially announced the details of the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set and the controversial price of $29.99, there is more than enough evidence now that Disney looks to have changed their mind.

Best Buy was the first retailer to place Marvel Battlegrounds down to $19.99, followed by Amazon a couple of hours later. Both of those could be pure coincidental (Best Buy is infamous for price mistakes, and Amazon price matches things no matter what). But Toys”R”Us followed suit later in the evening, and now Target is reflecting the price change this morning. Target is of interesting note, as they are also the only retailer who aren’t marking it as a sale or instant savings. They have it listed just as $19.99, the $29.99 price point is nowhere to be found.

Disney Infinity took a lot of heat for the price point, even though they did offer you the chance to get any Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel figure for free. But that only applied in North America, and only to certain retailers (Disney Store, Best Buy, and GameStop — Best Buy only has a couple of figures still in stock to take advantage of the promo).  So everyone else weren’t able to take advantage of that bonus.

Now, I will say it’s not 100% confirmed through Disney, but this is large enough evidence that I think there is definitely changes happening, especially with Target getting rid of the $29.99 price completely.

It is not clear yet if this will be relayed over to other territories as well.

EDITORIAL NOTE: I’m known to criticize Disney Infinity for various things, so I want to make extra clear how I think Disney Infinity deserves a round of applause for this change of course. Again this looks to be a Disney decision, whether they will go “public” about it or not, that we will have to wait and see. But again for Disney stating in the article they were changing the Play Set configuration due to fan feedback, I’m glad to see they are listening to the fans and have changed the price on this Play Set.

I don’t think any of you (at least so far in North America) could complain about a 1 figure Play Set for $19.99. So if you were vocal to Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, or anyone a couple of weeks ago, I hope you can send them a tweet/message/etc this go around saying you support this decision and glad to see the change!