As Expected, Marvel Battlegrounds Figures Release On March 15th, But Boba Fett Is As Well?


As expected, the next wave of Marvel figures for Disney Infinity will launch alongside the release of Marvel Battlegrounds on March 15th, according to GameStop’s inventory system.

The only interesting part of the print out is the listing of Boba Fett showing the same release day.

Australia already has the single figure release, Europe is getting him next week. But it appears North America may now have to wait until March 15th.

Not a huge shocker, as it is nice to have a multi-franchise wave release at once. For the consumer it’s nice to walk in on March 15th and have new figures from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars.

But it is a bummer for people who have been waiting for the release that was initially expected to come in January, but then slipped to February, and looks like it may finally have found its home in March.

Perhaps March 15th is also when we’ll see the Kylo Ren Light FX figure as well? Time to wait and see!

For those with a good eye will see the Battlegrounds Play Set listed for $34.99. Remember, GameStop marks up nearly all their Toys-To-Life items, so that is the case here as well (you can see that reflected online as well)

Thanks to Abe over at DisKingdom and the DisKingdom Facebook Page for the image