Zootopia Disney Infinity Figures (Nick & Judy) Available For Pre-Order, Releasing On March 1st


The two Disney Infinity Zootopia figures, Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps, will be releasing on March 1st and are available for pre-order at various retailers now.

In addition to these two figures, a Zootopia Power Disc Pack will also release for Disney Infinity 3.0. But the Power Discs contain a minor plot point from the film, so they are not publically releasing images at this time.

You can pre-order these figures at the following retailers at this moment (remember Amazon now offers 20% off if you have Amazon Prime as well as Best Buy if you have GCU)

And I can’t go a Disney figure post without showing how incredible the international boxes are compared to the US Versions. If you don’t know already, the international Disney Originals figures always have a “themed” background, and they’re GORGEOUS. Meanwhile the US gets….. purple.