Your Votes Are In… Figure Of The Year & Top Disney Infinity Stories of 2015!


What a year 2015 was for Disney Infinity fans. We finished up Disney Infinity 2.0 with some great Marvel characters, and more importantly some great villains! Then in May, the news many of you have been waiting for finally became official. Star Wars is coming to the Disney Infinity platform!

Three Star Wars Play Sets became available for Star Wars fans,, including the only Star Wars The Force Awakens game available for players, which launched alongside the release of the film. An incredible honor for the Disney Infinity team.

Plus let’s not forget the community got many of their requests answered with the release of 3.0. We got Tron figures, Mulan figure, and of course power disc blind packs went away!

But 2015 also saw some controversy for Disney Infinity players. Misguided or not. The final two Marvel Power Discs never were released internationally, Light FX figures launch was met with high praise but also some confusion, and of course the D23 King Mickey Power Disc. Where Disney Infinity wanted to release something really awesome for the folks who made it out to D23, but was met with deaf ears in many parts of the community who felt they weren’t treated fairly.

And of course… figures. Lots of them. Disney, Pixar, Classic Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars all had figures released in 2015. The quality has improved, the art design has improved, and let’s not forget their in-game functionality has improved as well.

So that brought the question. After an incredible year for Disney Infinity, what moments did you feel defined the year for the game? And of course… what was your favorite figure released?

Let’s take a look at the poll results.

Note: Users could cast 3-5 votes on their thoughts on what stories defined 2015. Users could cast 1 vote for favorite figure.

For sake of being concise, results over 5% are being shown for top stories

Top Stories That Defined 2015 for Disney Infinity

  • 19% of all votes— Star Wars coming to Disney Infinity 3.0
    • 70% of people who voted, voted for this choice
  • 11% of all votes — No more Power Disc Blind Bags
    • 40% of people who voted, voted for this choice
  • 7% of all votes — Marvel Battlegrounds to be the first Play Set to allow you to use “older” figures
    • 27% of people who voted, voted for this choice
  • 6.5% of all votes — Light FX figures being announced
    • 25% of people who voted, voted for this choice
  • 6.1% of all votes — Still more content to be revealed for Disney Infinity 3.0
    • 23% of people who voted, voted for this choice
  • 5.4% of all votes — D23 Exclusive King Mickey Power Disc
    • 20% of people who voted, voted for this choice

Top Figure Released For Disney Infinity 3.0 In 2015

  • 10.51% — Hulkbuster
  • 9.78% — Kylo Ren
  • 8.70% — Light FX Darth Vader
  • 7.61% — Ahsoka Tano
  • 6.88% — Boba Fett
  • 5.43% — Darth Vader
  • 4.71% — Mulan
  • 4.71% — Sabine Wren
  • 3.26% — Sam Flynn
  • 2.90% — Ultron


So there you have it! Star Wars was easily the biggest story of the year for Disney Infinity in 2015, but even with that being said… you can’t top that Hulkbuster figure!

Since I know people will be curious, out of the hundreds of votes cast, 5 figures didn’t receive a single vote. Ronan, Fear, Disgust, Yondu and Light FX Luke Skywalker.

That leaves one big question… what’s to come for Disney Infinity in the year 2016? Check back on New Years Day and I’ll have a long preview of everything you can expect!

Thank you all for a WONDERFUL 2015, and look forward to even more awesome times in the year 2016.

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