Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens ‘Jakku’ Screens, And Answering “Where Is BB-8?”

Disney Infinity Force Awakens

After yesterdays two news releases, this morning we also have two more exclusive articles to share regarding the Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens Play Set.

First up is the first screen shot and concept art of the “Jakku” planet who the Disney Infinity players will be able to visit.

Disney Infinity gives the official description as:

The local economy is based on salvaging old parts from derelict ships. The players will spend their time on Jakku salvaging in order to gain credits and help the locals fix up the area. All along the way, the players will unlock new vehicles and toys for the Toy Box.



Speaking to the Associated Press, John Vignocchi said he was excited about the possibilities with the potential play set saying,

“With many of our adaptions of big, tent-pole releases in ‘Infinity,’ they’ve been original stories or levels that expanded on the fiction of particular moments from a movie,” said Vignocchi. “In the case of ‘The Force Awakens,’ we felt after reading the script that there were so many scenes that would directly translate into great gameplay.”

And to answer the question, “WHERE ARE THE DROIDS?!” John Vignocchi gave this response,

“There are some things that BB-8 can’t inherently do that bipedal characters like Finn, Rey and Poe can do in the game, like hanging from and shimmying across ledges,” said Vignocchi. “We could’ve cashed in and made a BB-8 figure, but is that the right thing to do when it comes to gameplay? It’s something that our teams are working on.”

While the original edition of “Infinity” included wheeled characters from Pixar’s “Cars,” Vignocchi noted that the spinning sidekick isn’t simply another ride. He said BB-8, as well as fellow droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, are an entirely new class of character that isn’t quite ready to be deployed in “Infinity.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter, The AP