Many Reports Of People Receiving Non-Light FX Darth Vader, How To Verify Your Disney Infinity Figure


Over the weekend, many of you reached out to let me know that your Toys ‘R’ Us shipment of the Darth Vader Light FX figure was in fact… the regular Darth Vader figure.

To be honest, as soon as I saw the packaging for the Light FX figures, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more!

But there may be a more ‘technical’ issue to why these orders were mixed up, but first let me show you how you can make sure your figure is indeed the Light FX figure.

There are your obvious ways to tell (see if the sticker is on the packaging, placing it on the base, looking for the extra black base, etc.), but I like a more “guaranteed” route. Especially since one report I got from someone was that they received a Light FX figure, but the sticker fell off. But that’s not normal, as those stickers are on their pretty tight (credit to Disney Infinity!)

The easiest way for me to check is to verify by the UPC barcode. Especially if you’re in a rush (or it’s hard to see the extra black piece!). Here are the barcode numbers for the Light FX figures…

  • Anakin — 712725027636
  • Darth Vader — 712725027506
  • Kanan — 712725027629
  • Luke — 712725027513
  • Obi Wan — 712725027520
  • Yoda — 712725027537

(Obviously Anakin and Luke aren’t in single packaging, so that kind of gives them away also 😉 )

Why the “larger” screw up at Toys ‘R’ Us?

Now let me say up front, it’s not every order (and seems to be far from it). But it’s definitely more than just a couple of instances.

From what I picked up from a couple of people (and hard to verify as it’s now in the past), but chances are the SKUs/Item Numbers may have gotten mixed up during ordering or packaging. So when the associate scanned the product to place in the box, it may have validated in the system. So as far as the associate goes, it appeared as the same item.

That may not be the case either, but something seems more unique in this situation.

Thankfully the product is still in stock on Toys ‘R’ Us website. So if you call, you should have no issues (besides whatever the hold time may be) to receive your new figure.

I’ll reach out to Toys ‘R’ Us and see if they are aware of the issue and if it is a more ‘systematic’ issue like it appears to be, then maybe they can be more proactive and reach out to those they believe were affected.

But no matter what, this is just yet another blunder in the entire release of the Light FX figures. You can read my editorial and recap of all the events since announcement.